Happy to share my latest personal project : Muffloise

Because of his colorful skin, this little creature had to find inventive ways to master camouflage and get closer to his main source of food. That's why he hunts by night and uses natural resources like water lilies to get himself closer to his main prey : Fireflies.

Originally based on a concept drawing that I did last year. I had a lot of fun bringing this little creature to life. As you may have guessed, this creature lives in the same Diegesis/Environment of my other previous characters (Kleappa ; Fringii ; Dromignon and Zygomignus)

As I always try to set myself a new challenge on each of my projects, I decided to do all the main sculpting parts of this one by hand. To do so, I created my own VDM brushes rather than using existing ones. The alpha I used to create the pattern on the chin was handmade.
For the scales on the face, I created a mask that I then use to inflate all the Scales. And that I then saved and used again to do my texture. I often use this technique for the Texturing and it makes the process so enjoyable and relaxing. I didn't use the symmetry because I wanted to get an organic and natural look. It doesn't take that much more time and I find the result much better.
As for the small scales on the body, I used a Voronoi plugin that was created for Maya. I know, they are not handmade, but we don't even see them on the final renders.

Sculpting and Texturing Made in Zbrush - Rendered in Maya using Arnold.

Hope you like it!