Happy Halloween Everyone !

I am pleased to share with you my latest personal project : Dinoween. In collaboration with my great friend Ariane Lissajoux.

This project is definitely different from what I am used to doing. But hey … I am always up for a new challenge! And Working with Ariane who is a talented Texture artist and has a lot of experience in Feature animation definitely made it easier.

The Original concept was made by the great Max Ulichney.

Together with Ariane we Decided to push a little bit further the idea of his original concept. And we imagined this staged environment. It was a lot of back and forth of ideas between the two of us. But we had the same vision and we had so much fun transcripting all the amazing ideas of the concept into a stage.

Max Ulichney : Original Concept
Ariane Lissajoux : Texturing & Lookdev
Myself : Modeling ; Sculpting ; Layout ; Lighting & Comp

Hope you like it !

Original Concept by Max Ulichney

Original Concept by Max Ulichney