Elephorse - Lookdev

Hey Everyone

Happy to finally share what appears to be the final lookdev of my last creature : the Elephorse !
I wanted this project to be in the continuity of the Gorillon, like both could be living on the same planet.
The color really gave me a hard time. I had too many different references and for a long time too many colors that didn't go well together. Many told me to lose the dots as they didn't go alongside the rest of the creature. But without them she was a bit boring, plus i always like a good challenge !
But after weeks of struggling and paint overs, i finally reached what i consider to be a good balance between all the scales and the differents colors. There is abviously still a lot of room for improvement. I made quite a few mistakes. But it is a big step-up from my previous creature, and i am hoping that the next one will be even better !

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