Happy to share my last creature called Kleappa.
She is an old lady also called Oniscide Abrachelys who mostly live at Night in forests and swamps. And even if she can look mean and judgemental, Kleappa is a nice and sweet

Inspired by a tortoise, a cloporte and an old Japanese fisherman. I Had a lot of fun working on this concept. It was really quick : about 1 week.
And I knew where I was going from the beginning. So I was able to focus on the sculpt/texturing/lookdev. Where I am always trying to improve my skills. Especially my wrinkles flow, where there is always room for improvement. I also Found this idea mid-project of these fireflies coming from her chin. That brings her a lot of personality.

All done in Zbrush, Using the awesome Flipped Normal skin alpha pack and Texturing XYZ

Lookdev in Maya - Arnold.

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