Sailor Face Shapes Animation

Hey everyone,

Happy to share this new quick project : Sailor Face shapes Animation.
The awesome Madhav Shyam developped a motion capture System with his phone. (He can be some kind of wizard I know).
Part of being a creature modeler often includes doing the face shape as well. and I wanted to test my shapes skills but on a personnal project this time.
So what you see is the motion capture (created by Madhav, we worked together on the acting). I then added on top of it corrective shapes to either add some skin slidding, exagerate some shapes or add some extra movements depending on the intention I wanted. And obviously starting with a mocap was a huge time saver such a good base to start with.
I also decided to convert my character from sRGB to Acescg. And to rework the lookdev to improve the diffuse and SSS. But didn't touch the sculpt as I wanted it to be a quick project. (otherwise I could have spent 3 month on it).
Zbrush - Maya - Anrold - TexturingXYZ

Hope you like it!

sRGB to Acescg